Bobino's Woodworking Webpage

Some days in the shop are like this I'm a woodworking hobbyist. I have a wood shop in my garage and I make stuff.

Here's a list projects, tools, and a description of my shop. Enjoy!

I have received, and continue to receive, a great number of ideas and tips by seeing the projects and shops of other woodworkers, both professional and amateur. I return the favor to the 'net community with this page.


Welcome to Bobino's web pages. Here's info on a few of my interests, scattered about over the years since I created my first web site in 1997.

Bearskin Meadow Memory Book

Have a great memory of camp? An experience you want to share?
Remember a friend? Want to find other BSM family members?

This is the place to read what others have written.
You can add to the BSM Memory Book too!

blue line

My Computer and SETI

I'm trying to find evidence of extra-terrestrial life by analyzing data from SETI SETI logo on my computer whenever I'm not using it.

I've been doing this for quite a while now, since 1999, and have accumulated a lot of work for SETI as well as other projects.

Here's my list of current projects:


When I travel, I search for the last missing geocache. I've found a few: Profile for forestplay Find some yourself by visiting the Geocaching website.

Greenside Network

What's the new normal for home networks?  I'm thinking even a modestly outfitted home has at least one PC and probably a laptop.  Throw in a DVR and the rush is on.

The Greenside NetworkHere's my network.  Click the image to get a better view.

Juggling: Not a Spectator Sport!

What would you do if you saw three objects just sitting there doing nothing?

You have several choices...

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