Incra Vs JoinTech?

Incra and JoinTech market similar precision router fence systems. When I was the WW show in Nov. '99, I watched demonstrations of both systems and was convinced I wanted one or the other, but not having the cash to buy either at the time. Taking in all the marketing hype at the show, regretting I couldn't take one of their juicy show packages that day, I drooled on the flyers and brochures when I got home.

After reading all the literature, I decided the JoinTech was the superior product, but with a much bigger initial cost. The Incra system is marketed as components while the JoinTech is sold as a complete system (although it is sold on the web both as a system and as components).

When you get the Incra components equivalent to a JoinTech Cabinetmaker's System, I believe the price will be very similar. Although I didn't verify this, you can at the respective websites. I believe the equivalent Incra components to a JoinTech Cabinetmaker's System are an Incra Jig Ultra and an Incra Intelli-Fence.

IMHO, the features that make the JoinTech a better system are

  • the fence inserts
  • better dust collection
  • more templates and smarter organization of same
  • parallax reduction scrib mark on the clear plastic curser
  • better center finding system.

Which system for me?

I bought a used 16" Incra Ultra Jig from someone on the net for about 60% of retail. It was an easy way to grab a tool that I wanted to play with for far less than buying either system new.

What's New?

There's a recent addition to the Incra product line. It's called the "WonderFence" and it seems to address the dust collection issue listed above. As of this writing, details are not available on the Woodpecker's website. It's just $20. more than the Intelli-Fence it appears to replace, but it's pricey compared the the JoinTech SmartFence (a component of the JoinTech system) . Makes me wonder: Has anyone attempted to attach the JoinTech SmartFence to a Incra system?


This article must be quite old but for what its worth JoinTech is out of biz now.

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