Greenside Network

What's the new normal for home networks?  I'm thinking even a modestly outfitted home has at least one PC and probably a laptop.  Throw in a DVR and the rush is on.

The Greenside NetworkHere's my network.  Click the image to get a better view.

My ISP is Comcast Business.  The firewall router is a Tomato-based Linksys router.  It has a a WPA-protected wireless access point.

A Vonage VoIP adaptor is connected directly to the router which in turn is connected to a 2.4GHz wireless phone base station.  We have 5 phones scattered around the house.

The first Gig-bit switch connects everything else around the house.  In the office are two desktops and a laptop, a copier/scanner/printer, Windows Home Server and a VirtualBox Server.  There are 3 virtual machines, one acts as our personal blog web server (, one is an mySQL server and one is a media download device.

A CAT5 cable runs down to the basement where the TV room is located.  There sits a Series 2 TiVo, a TiVo Premiere and an AppleTV generation 1 running XBMC.  All of these connect to our LG HDTV.  There's also another Linksys router configured as a switch and a wireless access point for when I bring the laptop downstairs.  It's not able to connect well the the access point two floors above in the office.

Is this the new normal?

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