Juggling: Not a Spectator Sport!

What would you do if you saw three objects just sitting there doing nothing?

You have several choices...

  1. Leave them there, since they are minding their own business, you should too.  Boring!
  2. Eat them.  If inedible, consider choice number 3.
  3. Pick them up and begin to juggle.  You might even wish there were more than just three little objects.

I toss many things, a master of none:

  • balls (up to four and including bouncing silicon)
  • clubs (passing up to six)
  • machetes
  • home-made torches
  • rings
  • cigar boxes
  • diabolo

Check out the Juggling Information Service.

You too can toss random objects for no apparent reason. Juggling is not a spectator sport!

Find your own Juggling Stuff and join the fun!

I don't wear a clown outfit under any circumstances.


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