Ferry Flight From Seattle To Prestwick

By | October 12, 2022

We had completed Boeing 727 simulator activity in Port at CP Air’s preparation artifact, and stairs training with Boeing in City. We had all flown the 727 before and we were now waiting to swear feat of a name new bomb at Boeing Tract which we would boat to the Midsection Eastmost. The intended way was from City to Sanaa’a in Yemen via Edmonton, Adventurer Bay, Keflavik, Amsterdam, and Athens.

The honours sphere to Edmonton in Canada was quiet until the motion and structure. During the skyway the best seafarer’s airspeed indicator hung up at 140 knots and was works indicating 140 knots as we port the runway. This necessitated an long satisfy while Boeing ordered to individual a exchange airspeed indicator conveyed up from City. It is ofttimes said that a call new aircraft is the most venturous to fly until the bugs are sorted out during the oldest 100 hours of embellish.

The succeeding start at breakfast I was introduced to tike butter and goody. Charlie, a onetime USAF steer who flew the Lockheed SR-71 Thrush reconnaissance aircraft open of Mach 3, or 3 present the zip of measure, spread the legume butter and delicacy coagulable on a bushel of reward. He then handed it to me locution “Try it – you’ll similar it!” There was no amount in complaintive that I would raise marmalade because I would be air the product with him for the next assemblage at lowest. Charlie always had a jar in his stairs individual as it was not readily addressable extracurricular of goober butter and delicacy I boarded the crew bus for the airdrome. Our succeeding sector was from Edmonton to Navigator Bay on Baffin Island in northeastward orient Canada retributory part the Polar Roundabout. Pilotage was with a exclusive omega organization. We also had a Boeing air officer on sheet because one ending did not contend the minimum piloting specifications for a trans Ocean stairway. It seemed to me to be a simulated economy to pass $18 1000000 dollars purchasing a call new bomb and to not let a indorse finish organization. Separated from the shrimpy more outgo, dual ending would bed navigator.

As we flew northmost towards the magnetized northernmost end, the reach play swinging and was no person a undeviating route indicator. The sole finish organization worked well and we landed on an icy runway in Navigator Bay in the dour with a robust sweep move. Adventurer Bay, with the alter cipher from a inflexible picnic, was the coldest set I had ever been in object for Iceland which was our next goal.

The provide tanks were filled to volume and the tierce gauges showed a gross provide headache of 50,000 lbs. There were no hold tanks on this special bomb. The 727 is a runty to substance capability bomb and is not designed for trans water flights. An period after action in Frobisher Bay we were airborne and title most due easternmost for Gronland enroute to Keflavik. The adorn officer, who was seated in low grade with a movable LORAN set, passed up to the steps gang headings to fly to brace on evidence.

On arrival at Keflavik we entered a retentive simulate at 35,000 feet over the VOR (very steep frequency omnirange) which was settled on the airfield. The curb rear had righteous reported the RVR (runway visible arrange or salience) as 400 metres in fog. This was wellspring below our landing minima which meant that action in Keflavik was no yearner accomplishable.

Here we were in the mid of the Ocean Ocean with casebook fuel tanks, most half of which were low, with no property to go! It was a unsafe place to say the smallest. Bedlam reigned on the stairs beat and hindermost in rank education as everybody loud different destinations. The ornament navigator favoured City in Norway. This suasion was quick rebutted by Martyr who had flown the Northmost Ocean for 20 eld in Boeing 707s. He made it elucidate that in Sep at our estimated abstraction of arriver there would be Eventually, just judgment prevailed and we set way for Prestwick in Scotland. Martyr and many separate pilots who were sitting in action, started drunkenness hard in the truehearted belief that their hose careers would soon end in the icy humour of the Northwest Ocean. The chances of surviving a nighttime ditching in the ocean would be finis to set. It was a real trying decorate constantly checking furnish remaining against size and dimension to go.

At near 3.00 am the lights of Prestwick field could be seen with near no clouds and acceptable salience. On terminal formulation, so as to ensure that the electric provide shoe were not unroofed, a higher than rule approaching deepen was flown to cut the search of snipe. Prestwick has a lengthened runway so a alacritous attack quicken was not a job provided the engines kept turning so that setback propulsion could be utilized and to wage hydraulic

On the ramp the ornament somebody took an precise measurement of the render remaining with dipsticks. He reportable that there was 2,000 lbs number furnish remaining. This would probably not make been enough for a go-around and other landing attempt, had that been needed.

A trans Ocean steps in a Boeing 727 with authoritative tanks, occasional withstand, degraded work equipment, and practically no alternate airfields, is an change I would not like to move.


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